4 excellent reasons to get your thrift shop on in Hanoi

5 reasons to get your thrift shop on in Hanoi - Green Gem Shop

Who knew there was a thrift shop like Green Gem Shop in Hanoi?

Ah, thrifting. There is nothing like finding that special something, that unique thing, that hidden gem that no one else has. Knowing you are saving money AND the planet are great reasons to get your thrift shop on while you are in Hanoi. Still not convinced? Well, here are four reasons to get your thrifting on, and shop second hand in Hanoi’s Green Gem Shop.

1. Thrifting helps the environment

We all know that fast fashion is bad. It’s bad for the environment and it’s bad for the people who work in the factories making clothes, shoes and accessories. The quality is terrible because it’s not designed to last — items are usually only worn 10 times before they are tossed out. So while throwaway fashion is cheap and convenient, it’s far from cheerful.

Here are a few stats that show how bad fast fashion is:

  • According to Business Insider, fast fashion emits more carbon than the international flights and the maritime industry combined.
  • Most fast fashion items are neither donated or recycled, and go into landfill or are burned (and pollute the air) and harmful microfibres end up in our food chain.
  • Fast fashion drains valuable resources like water (did you know it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton shirt?) and also leeches toxins into water supplies.

2. Second hand bargains are the best fit

Picture this. You walk into a second hand shop like Green Gem Shop. You see the racks of clothing, the shoes, the bags, the accessories. Pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, useful things. You just know that you’ll find that special something calling out to you. Your friends and family will say: [insert item here] is gorgeous! Where did you get it? You can play coy, or you can tell the truth. Completely up to you!

One of the best things about buying second hand items in a city like Hanoi — particularly clothes and specifically if you are Western — is fit. At Green Gem Shop, about 90% of the pre-loved clothes donated to us are from Western men and women. We all know how hard it is to find things that fit “off the rack” because the clothes and shoes are teeny-tiny. Designed to fit an Asian body, not a western one. The struggle is definitely real, and buying second hand at Green Gem Shop goes a long way toward solving that problem. And saves you money at the same time!

3. Join the thrift shop celebrity crowd

What do Julia Roberts, Zooey Deschaniel, Anne Hathaway and Macklemore all have in common? They all love a bargain and buying their clothes at thrift shops! Macklemore even wrote a song about it. And one of the most famous thrift shop purchases was Kylie Minogue’s gold hot pants in Spinning Around. They were bought by her stylist for 50p (VND15,000) from a flea market in London.

So if you’re thrift shopping, and buying second hand and pre-loves clothes, you’re in good company! We can’t promise that you’ll find a pair of gold hot pants, but you’ll find something that is perfect for you!

4. Feel good about yourself

As well as benefiting the environment by stopping fast fashion going to landfill or being burned, if you shop at Green Gem Shop, or any second-hand or thrift shop, you can help stop human rights abuses. The people who make cheap clothing work in terrible conditions and are paid a pittance. If you’re buying a $5 tee-shirt from one of the department stores, someone has to wear the cost (no pun intended) if it’s not you.

The human rights abuses in the fast fashion industry cannot be understated. It’s mostly women and children in developing countries who work in factories and sweatshops who make your clothes. Of course, not buying these clothes reduces demand and could affect livelihoods, but continuing to buy these products doesn’t help. When you buy second-hand, you can rest assured that you aren’t directly contributing to the problem of human rights abuses, and that’s a good thing.

Where to find your Hidden Gem!

Come and get your thrift shop at Green Gem Shop, 587 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi.

To find us, go through the Cosmetics Shop on the ground floor and head to the stairs at the back. We’re on the 2nd Floor.

We’re open on Friday (10AM-7PM) , Saturdays and Sundays (10AM-5PM). Most items are priced under 100K.

Feature Image: Olivia Gonzalez from Pixabay