Our mission, goals and team

Our Vision & Mission

Keep Hanoi Clean - World Cleanup Day 2019

Keep Hanoi Clean (KHC) emphasises leadership, sustainability, education, grassroots support and collaboration, with a strong commitment to transparency and community.

Each of these dimensions is essential to the successful relationships we share with our partner neighbourhoods, other organisations and businesses, and government agencies.

The ultimate goals of KHC  are to:

1. Help Hanoi become “green gem city” for sustainable living in south-east Asia, and

2. Replicate this success across Vietnam wherever cities and towns are friendly to the green lifestyle ideas and the volunteers who are the lifeblood of KHC.

KHC has volunteer staff (local and expats) working across the multi-disciplinary fields of administration, marketing, fundraising, environmental science, event planning, and education.

Our core management team ranges from recent university graduates to corporate executives, senior environmental PhD scientists, marketing professionals and experienced sustainability consultants. A range of specialists also help us out on an as needs basis.

We have a board of Vietnamese and foreign advisors from diverse disciplines and working experiences.

Good will is the fuel that keeps KHC running, and we are fortunate there has been no shortage of positive intentions and actions in Hanoi.

If you would like to join the KHC team, please email us or check out our current vacancies.