KHC is a registered social enterprise

KHC is a Registered Social Enterprise

Keep Hanoi Clean - Sapa

Aiming to engage more broadly with environmental concerns, Keep Hanoi Clean (KHC) is a registered social enterprise, which allows us to increase the scope and reach of our work as well as raise funds for issues of high concern.

Our scope of work includes both three non-profit environmental activities as well as for-profit ventures that will serve as models of socially-minded businesses and sources of revenue for the non-profit projects.

The non-profit activities – Clean Air Project, Clean Land Project and Clean Water Project – will each include research, public education, hands-on volunteer work, and collaboration with other organisations and the Vietnamese government.

The for-profit ventures will include retail and merchandise, consulting, education and F&B.

Eventually, we would like to scale Keep Hanoi Clean to cover all of Vietnam.

If you would like to volunteer, sponsor or partner with KHC, please email us.