Beautification Program

Promoting clean, green environments in communities throughout Hanoi

Why we're taking action

Green Spaces

Hanoi’s green space per capita is minimal at 2.2 m2, compared to 23.4 m2 in Seoul and 66.2 m2 in Singapore.

Waste Management

Hanoi generates 6,500 tons of trash every single day. Designated landfill sites are over-capacity, leading to random dumping of waste.

Polluted Waterways

80% of landfill sites in Vietnam are not engineered sites. In these instances, leachate and contaminated water is known to escape into nearby water bodies.

Polluted Air

Air quality also continues to worsen across the province due to pollution from both industrial and residential sources.

What action are we taking?

We’re empowering communities to create a healthier city for all. The beautification project comprises five separate initiatives to tackle the sources of environmental issues, create new green spaces, and unite communities as they take action to improve Hanoi’s local environment.

Community Waste Management

We are working in collaboration with local communities, governments and waste management companies to advance enhanced waste management processes such as recycling, composting and waste reduction.

Community clean-up events will tackle the issue of waste head on. In parallel, businesses and citizens will be trained in waste management best practices.

Greenspace Development

We are driving urban greenspace development in Hanoi. Spaces such as community gardens and green play areas will deliver social, health and climate benefits to local communities.

Community Artwork

We are working with local artists to commission art installations created from sustainable materials. Works such as murals and sculptures will carry messages championing sustainability and contribute to beautifying local neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Competitions

To inspire positive environmental change at a local level, a city-wide competition will be held to reward actions at ward and district level. Communities will be recognised for achievements in cleanliness, urban gardens, greenspace and artwork.

Pollution Hotline

We are developing a rapid response telephone/messenger communication platform to leverage citizen awareness at the community level and engage government agencies in timely interventions in response to pollution events such as dumping and burning of waste.

How can you help?

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