Green Gem Shop – the best thrift shop in Hanoi

Green Gem Shop believes that as much as possible, items should be reused, repurposed, recycled or repurposed. Our successful second-hand shop is living proof that there’s a demand for thrifting in Hanoi!

Clothes, bags, homeware, accessories etc. are below VND100,000, with many items priced from 30-50K. Lifestyle and eco-products vary, so please come and see us or contact us for prices. We’d love to see you!

We are the best thrift shop in Hanoi where proceeds from the sale of donated items, eco-and lifestyle products go toward funding Keep Hanoi Clean activities. Check out the video of Green Gem Shop below and a big thank you to Zach Charlie for so much gorgeousness!

Cảm ơn anh Zach Charly và Visual Light – Chaz đã làm một video hết sức tuyệt vời về Green Gem shop. Nếu bạn đã từng đến mua hàng của shop và yêu quý Green Gem, hãy chia sẻ và kể với tất cả mọi người về sự tuyệt vời của Green Gem Shop cũng như Keep Hanoi Clean nhé. 💚 Green Gem has gotten all kinds of groovy thanks to Charly and his fabulous video of the shop. If you’ve been to our shop or support us, please share the video and tell EVERYONE about how awesome Green Gem and Keep Hanoi Clean are 💚#greengemshop #thriftshop #secondhand #repurosedproduct #recycle #greenlifestyle #sustainablelifestyle #lesswaste #lessplasticwaste #zerowaste #keephanoiclean #upcycle

Posted by Green Gem Shop on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Where to find your Hidden Gem!

Come and get your thrift shop on and find your Hidden Gem at Green Gem Shop, 587 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi.

To find us, go through the Cosmetics Shop and head to the stairs at the back. We’re on the 2nd Floor.

We’re open on Friday (10AM-7PM) , Saturdays and Sundays (10AM-5PM).