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Why is home composting important?

Hanoi produces around 6,500 tons of trash per day, which is incredibly challenging for the authorities to manage and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

But did you know that organic waste from the kitchen and garden, such as food scraps or dead flowers, accounts for around 50% of Hanoi’s daily waste?

The good news is that all of this organic waste can be turned into compost! By learning how to make compost from organic waste, together we can reduce Hanoi’s total waste by 50%!

What is compost? / What is home composting? 

Composting is a process that can be observed throughout the natural world. Over time, dead or decaying organic waste such as leaves, branches and fruit will gradually decompose – leaving no waste behind.

Home composting is when we replicate that natural process with the aim of turning our organic waste into a natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer which can be used to nourish soil and plants.

So not only does home composting reduce the waste that is sent to landfill, it can help your garden flourish too!

At a glance: What are the advantages of Home Composting? 

  • Home composting reduces the food waste that we produce (if everybody in Hanoi did it, we could reduce Hanoi’s total waste by 50%)
  • Home composting turns organic waste into a natural fertilizer to help your plants grow
  • When organic waste gets sent to landfill, it is usually left to rot, producing methane (a greenhouse gas). Composting, on the other hand, is an aerobic process that reduces the release of methane when the organic material gets broken down.

Common Misconceptions About Home Composting

“Home composting is smelly and produces an unpleasant odour”

Compost doesn’t have an unpleasant odour. On the contrary, a healthy compost bin will have a pleasant smell just like the forest floor!

“Home composting is difficult and time-consuming”

There is a small amount of prep work required at the start in order to prepare your compost bin. However, once this is complete, all you need to do is mix the contents approximately twice per week to aid the composting process. You don’t need special equipment to compost organic waste at home, just a container and a few household items.

Download our Home Composting Guide Here

Our home composting guide will teach you how to compost your organic waste in a few simple steps. It will also answer common questions about home composting such as:

  • What equipment or materials do I need for composting?
  • Where should I put my compost?
  • How long does it take to make compost?
  • What waste can I put in my compost bin?
  • What waste should I avoid putting in my compost bin?



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