Education Program

Youth 4 Sustinability (Y4S)

Program Mission

To raise awareness of critical local waste issues and empower public school teachers and students to take action.

Program Goals


Research, design and distribute a new environmental curriculum for Hanoi’s schools.


Design and deliver workshops and training for educators to enable them to deliver the environmental curriculum.


Directly inspire young people throughout Hanoi by integrating environmental content into extracurricular activities.


Widely communicate our Y4S initiatives and share materials to encourage adoption across Hanoi.

Program Phases

1. Environmental Curriculum

Research & prepare the curriculum, map potential partner schools & reach out to key decision makers.

2. Pilot Workshops & Training

Hold pilot workshops and training with select partner schools to test curriculum content.

3. Evaluation & Review

Full evaluation of pilot activities including media reporting on impacts and outcomes.

4. Wider Roll-out

Full implementation of the program in remaining elementary and lower secondary schools throughout Hanoi.

5. Review & Adapt

Full program review and evaluation with adaptation to our approach and materials as necessary.

Clean Air Campaign

A key project within the Education program is the Clean Air Campaign. Air pollution is both a serious environmental and public health risk, leading to chronic and life-shortening diseases (heart disease, stroke, cancer, respiratory infections and disease). 

Microscopic pollutants from the air are easily inhaled deep into the lungs. These and other pollutants also accumulate in Hanoi’s water sources and agricultural lands,ending up in our drinking water and foods.

The Clean Air Campaign aims to:

1. Educate and raise public awareness of the serious
environmental and health impacts of exposure to trash
burning pollutants, including how certain practices may be

2. Build community commitment to clean air and a
cleaner and greener environment for all by engaging,
collaborating, building relationships and forming networks
with stakeholders.

3. Promote solutions and timely interventions for illegal
dumping and trash burning.

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