Kitchen God Day: 100 volunteers, 2.5 tons of garbage collected!

Kitchen God Day can be a challenging event for Hanoi’s natural environments. Without intervention, thousands and thousands of plastic bags end up in Hanoi’s waterways including lakes, ponds and on the banks of the Red River (find out more HERE).

For Kitchen God Day 2022, Keep Hanoi Clean were delighted to be supported by hundreds of volunteers and local organizations who responded to our call to help prevent plastic pollution entering Hanoi’s waterways.

A total of 100 volunteers joined us on 5 consecutive days. Together we collected more than 2,5 tons of garbage. We also received donations totalling 24,202,398 VND which were invaluable in enabling us to meet the expenses of volunteers’ meals, equipment and communication.


We are grateful for the kind support of our sponsors and media partners of this year:
KHC would also like to send special thanks to Youtuber What The Pho , Rappers Elijah Levon Scharp & Trey Rives, YouTuber Saleem Hammad and Ha Lam Truc for their presence, media support and companionship.

Below you can see some of the videos that were created in partnership with these amazing individuals!

Mang cá về cho Ông Táo


Đừng thả túi nilon vào sông, hồ nhé 


Đón Ông Công Ông Táo cùng from YouTuber What The Pho:

Kitchen God Day 2022 was a success thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of all these people and more. We hope you can join us again next year!