Research & Policy Program

Assessing environmental conditions throughout Hanoi province

Program Mission

To build new networks and collaborative data collection solutions to gain a thorough understanding of Hanoi’s environmental challenges – and enable data-driven future action and intervention. 

Program Goals


Establish networks of environmental volunteers in all 579 Hanoi wards & communes.


Sharing tools and information to enable local groups to gather, record, analyze, and report data in pollution hot spots.


Create a geo-located database of trash dump sites and burning waste piles. This data will be connected to KHC’s geographic information system (GIS) and shared with collaborators.

Take Action

Support local governments and communities in planning effective solutions to any waste management or pollution challenges that are identified.

Key Program Deliverables

Environmental Database

We will build a database of environmental teams throughout Hanoi who can both capture local level data and take part in future actions and initiatives.

Data Capture Solution

We have already developed a new Smartphone App capable of collecting data on local pollution hotspots. We are now actively engaged in sharing it with third parties.

Awareness & Action

We will use the data gathered to to highlight existing conditions and support the creation of real-world, actionable solutions.

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