The Floating Village: Help us Raise $2000 to Transform a Community In Need

Together Keep Hanoi Clean, Think Playground and ECUE are working to improve the quality of life for residents of The Floating Village on the banks of the Red River – but we need your help!

The Story of the Floating Village
The Floating Village is composed of over 30 homes which are precariously perched on the banks of the Red River near the Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi. As rural-urban migrants, locals here have low incomes and unstable jobs. This means every day is a struggle to secure a livelihood and survive.

This forgotten community have no access to basic public services such as waste management, garbage collection, domestic water, electricity, and health care. Residents live in floating houses built from scrap materials, use well water, and self-handle their own waste in different ways. While the community is excellent at dealing with recyclable waste since it is a source of income, it has long lacked a sustainable way to deal with its organic waste, such as food scraps and human waste.

Project Goals
The Green Floating Village project is being implemented by Think Playground, Keep Hanoi Clean, and ECUE to improve life quality, sanitation, and hygiene in the hamlet, as well as to raise environmental awareness of the community. The core deliverables of the project include:

  • Building a sanitary system to treat human waste
  • Building a community garden for women
  • Building a community house for a gathering, hosting community activities and training courses for children
  • Teaching village residents how to turn organic waste into fertilizer to use for growing crops
  • Training people on waste recycling methods

A Sustainable Impact
From the activities above, KHC is focusing its work on building a demonstration sewage treatment system for floating houses and teaching locals how to turn their kitchen scraps into healthy compost.

Our Fundraising Goals
In order to achieve all the core aims of the Green Floating Village project, Keep Hanoi Clean needs a total amount of USD $2,150 to cover labor costs, equipment, and incidental expenses.

How You Can Help: Donate Today!
We believe we can make a real difference to the lives of the community at the Floating Village – and at the same time help protect the natural environment on the banks of the Red River. However we need your help to raise the necessary funds to achieve our goals.

If you are able to donate, click the link below – even a small donation will help us reach our target. Thank-you!


Join hands with KHC to create a new, greener life for the Floating Village community!