Volunteer with KHC for Kitchen God Day 2022!

Help us prevent thousands of plastic bags from being released or burned during the traditional fish releasing ceremony. Sign-up today!

What is Kitchen God Day?

Kitchen God Day occurs every year on the 23rd day of the last month of the Lunar Year. This traditional custom celebrates the time when the Kitchen God goes to the heavenly court to report on all the human activities for the year (find out more about the story of Kitchen God Day HERE). It’s a time for Vietnamese people to express their gratitude to the gods and also an opportunity for family members to gather together.

On the day, Vietnamese people often prepare 2 or 3 carps and – after making ceremonial offerings – they will set the fish free in rivers, ponds and lakes around Hanoi.

How does Kitchen God Day harm the environment? 

When setting the fish free into local rivers, ponds and streams, people will often use a plastic bag to transport the fish. Without intervention, thousands and thousands of these plastic bags end up in Hanoi’s waterways, lakes and ponds, and on the banks of the Red River.

How will Keep Hanoi Clean help protect the environment during Kitchen God Day? 

Keep Hanoi Clean will station volunteers in key locations on bridges and around lakes in Hanoi to intercept plastic bags and prevent them from going into our waterways. We also proactively educate the general public about the need for keeping Hanoi’s waters clean while promoting environmentally friendly ways to celebrate the holiday.

2022 will be KHC’s 6th year of working with local people and volunteers to reduce plastic waste on Kitchen God Day. In 2021, thanks to the help of volunteers, we were able to gather 859.5 kg trash, including 261.5 kg plastic bags which were sent to be recycled.

What can you do to help? 

The easiest way to support our work for Kitchen God Day is to make a donation. Donations are vital in order for us to cover equipment costs, transportation fees and provide food & drink for our volunteers. We will publish all expenses and donations (except those who wish to remain anonymous) after the event.

Donate Here

Or why not volunteer with us and help us create a cleaner and greener Hanoi? We are looking for volunteers to join us at 8 locations around Hanoi on SUNDAY(23/1), MONDAY(24/1) and TUESDAY(25/1):

– West Lake
– Truc Bach Lake
– Chuong Duong Do Port (Red River)
– Bac Port (Red River)
– Thang Long Bridge
– Chuong Duong Bridge
– Dong Tru Bridge
– Vinh Tuy Bridge

Register to Volunteer Here

All of Keep Hanoi Clean’s work is possible only because of people like you who care! Let’s Keep Hanoi Clean!

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